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Woodcore Tiles for Raised Access Floors by Tankaria

Wood Core Tile With Anti Static Laminate Top

Wood Core Tiles by Tankaria consist of compound wood core materials with durable adhesive material. These are the key features of Woodcore Tiles:

  • High-density, fully bonded wood core filling in the panels.
  • These panels are top finished in Laminates or Vinyl.
  • This laminate tile flooring comes with a corrosion resistant galvanized steel or aluminium foil bottom sheet.
  • Uses C-shaped stringers that snap on to the pedestals.
  • This forms a gravity held system.

Functions of Woodcore Tiles

  • Provides excellent rigidity, durability, and a low noise of footsteps.
  • Superior strength and acoustic performance.
  • Robust and Modular at the same time.
  • Durable and Economical.
  • Does not require screwing in, making way for easy and quick installations.

How Tankaria Access Floors Helps

Tankaria Access Floors also provides you with a wide range options of stylish laminate finishes for floor panels like a High Pressure laminate, anti-static vinyl and also marble finishes. At Tankaria, we also have Wood Core Understructure Systems and Round Pedestal Head for Wood Core which would enable a complete wood core access flooring system.

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