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Why Tankaria Access Floors?

Tankaria Access Floor systems is one of the top access floor manufacturing, supplying, and service providing companies in India. The new-age green build environment friendly constructions demand flexible indoor spaces that reduce environmental impact of construction and building operations. We provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions to these new demands while delivering high performance benefits.

Call centres, office spaces, air-traffic centres, internet data centres, educational institutes, hospitals, cinema halls - we have raised floors solutions for all these and more. We master the manufacturing and installation for the best floating floors and understructure systems in the market.

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First-build Benefits

  • Cost-effective labour costs.
  • Minimum use of materials like wiring, cabling, ducting, structural materials.
  • Streamlined construction schedule.
Long-term Benefits

Long-term Benefits

  • 30% reduction in energy costs.
  • Provides high flexibility in floor plan reconfiguration of equipment.
  • Smoothly accommodates technological advancement.
High Performance Environment

High Performance Environment

  • Conceals data cables, trays and wirings, giving the workspace an uncluttered look.
  • Manages safety by making facilities for hanging or expanding power connections.
In-sync with Green Environment

In-sync with Green Environment

  • Reduction in energy consumption.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Reduction in first-build and long-term waste.
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