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Wood Core System with Round Pedestal Heads by Tankaria

Wood Core System with Round Pedestal Heads by Tankaria

Round Pedestal heads are special type of pedestal heads made exclusively for wood core systems. Here are some of the key specifications of Round Pedestal Heads:

  • Round Pedestal heads are made of steel.
  • A PVC cap with wedges is mounted on the head so that the panels can snuggly fit in.
  • Round pedestal heads allow installation of wood core panels.
  • They also facilitate snap on stringer mechanism.

Benefits of Using Round Pedestal Heads

Here are some of the advantages of using Round Pedestal Heads:

  • They have wedges for the installation of wood core tiles which get gravity held between the wedges.
  • This allows for quick and easy installation of raised floors.
  • Round pedestal heads have notches on the top for Snap-On Stringers.
  • Stringer systems strengthen the access floor system.

How Tankaria Access Floors Helps

Tankaria Access Floors manufactures pedestal heads,raised floor pedestals, and bare panels of different materials for pedestal flooring systems. We provide a wide variety of panel types and finishes that are a part of access floor systems for server rooms, factory floors, and workspaces.

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