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Wood core Understructure Systems by Tankaria Access Floors

Wood core Understructure Systems by Tankaria Access Floors

Raised access floors are a living, breathing part of the building and they need the best material to transform the floor system according to your needs. These are some of the key specifications of Wood Core Understructure Systems:

  • Consists of heavy duty composite wood core panels encased in galvanized steel with high quality flame spread rating.
  • Uses pedestals with a Circular Head Design.
  • Makes a gravity-held system that is extremely dynamic.
  • For an enhanced grip and positioning to the panels, PVC caps with wedged grooves are used.

Wood Core Systems

Wood Core raised floor systems have been widely used due to their dynamic nature and versatility as raised floor systems.

It provides many advantages such as:

  • Ensures excellent durability and acoustic performance.
  • Snap-On Stringer System provides a higher level of strength and re-enforcement.
  • Fitting Caps with wedged grooves provide an enhanced grip.
  • Ideal option for superb all-round performance.

How Tankaria Access Floors Helps

Tankaria Access Floors provide complete solutions to build a wood core understructure system. We also provide products such as wood core panels, Bare Steel Panels, Pedestals and a wide range of finishes for your access floor systems.

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