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Access Floor Panel Lifter Attachments by Tankaria Access Floors

Access Floor Panel Lifter Attachments by Tankaria Access Floors

Whether it is a hard surface or soft, panel lifter attachments with suction cups can be used to lift the panels easily, safely, and quickly.

  • Work on the fundamental principle of grip creating vacuum.
  • Each cup creates vacuum which helps in lifting the panels.
  • Depending on the size of the panel to be lifted, panel lifters are available in two variations: one cup and two cups.

Panel Lift Attachments Make the Job Easy

  • When installing raised access floors, it is beneficial to buy a panel lifter.
  • The size of the panels used in false flooring, varies with the type of floor you get for your commercial space, but mostly 600mm*600mm is the standard.
  • A panel of that size can be very difficult to lift out of a gridlocked raised floor.
  • Panel lifters can also be used when the panels are interchangeable and can be lifted out to access the extra space.

Tankaria Raised Access Floors

We provide panel lifting accessories along with the raised floors we install. You can ask us about our single cup panel lifters or double cup depending on the area of your floors. You can also choose from a wide variety of panels including Bare Steel Panels and Understructure Systems such as Cornerlock System.

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Raised Access Floors increase the utility of your floors. To get a customized solution, contact our experts today!