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Corner Lock System by Tankaria Access Floors

Corner Lock System by Tankaria Access Floors

Modern offices need dynamic structures to go toe-to-toe with new infrastructural challenges and Corner lock systems make access floors dynamic and adaptable to new changes. Here are some of the prime features of the Corner Lock System:

  • Constituted of Corner Lock Pedestal Heads made of steel.
  • It has anti-vibration and firm locking features.
  • Includes seismic force-resistant pedestals that limit or eliminate the need for special bracing.
  • Finished floor height for this system is from 100mm / 4 inches to 300mm / 12 inches.

Why Corner lock systems?

Bare Corner Lock system uses modern techniques to provide dynamism and flexibility to access floor systems. Here are some of the benefits of this system:

  • Allows panels to be fitted quickly and with ease.
  • Provide adequate reinforcement to the overall structure.
  • Firm locking features enable optimum rigidity and lateral stability in the floor layout.
  • Available in different heights that you can choose according your cabling needs.

How Tankaria Helps

Cornerlock system is a critical technology used in modern access floor systems. Tankaria Access Floors provides a wide range of Bare Steel Panels and Floor Finishes designed perfectly for your raised access floor system. We also a wide range of options in terms of understructure systems such as Low Finished Height Cornerlock and Cornerlock Pedestal Head.

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