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Low Finished Floor Height Cornerlock for Raised Floors

Low Finished Floor Height Cornerlock for Raised Floors

When your access floor needs are limited to cabling and minimal electronic equipment usage, Low FFH corner lock systems are the best option for your enterprise. Here are some of the key features of Low Finished Floor Height Corner Lock System:

  • Layouts with minimum finished floor height.
  • Available heights from 2.5" to 4".
  • Consists of pedestals with wedges for corner lock mechanism.
  • Structure made with steel pedestals.

How Low FFH Cornerlock System Helps

Corner lock systems with low finished floor height provides a variety of benefits for enterprises like:

  • A low finished floor height means that the overall layout takes up less ceiling height.
  • Allows for a higher ease of use for onsite fitting.
  • Ideal for enterprises with minimal cabling requirements.
  • With low height and a dynamic floor structure, it reduces time wastage and overall expenditure.
  • Provides adequate airflow and lateral strength to the floor layout.

How Tankaria Access Floors Helps

Tankaria Access floors manufacture the complete line of raised access floor systems for server rooms, factories and offices alike. We also provide Bare panels, finishes and pedestals with corner locking mechanism for your Low Finished Floor Height Cornerlock Access Floors.

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