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Bare Steel Panels in Raised Access Floor System

Bare Steel Panels in Raised Access Floor System

Bare Steel Panels are used in access floors to build a durable and consistent structure. The system is designed to improve performance of the structure and allows easy installation of a raised access floor system. These are some of the important features of Bare Steel Panels:



  • The panels are shielded from corrosion by applying powder-coat epoxy paint finish.
  • Filled with Concore lightweight cementitious material.
  • Available in Corner Lock style as well as in Screw Down style.
  • Bare steel panels measure 60 cm or 600mm.
  • Available with a variety of finishes.

Why Bare Steel Panels?

Commercial offices these days are in need of raised flooring solutions due to the cabling and need for extra space to make sure it is well-organized. In that regard, Tankaria steel panels secure your systems and make your facilities future proof.

Below are some of the reasons why you should go for Bare Steel Panels:

  • Quick and Easy Installation and removal possible in both designs.
  • Useful for office spaces ranging from small to large multinational offices.
  • Changes the way you work with efficient storage of cabling and cooling materials.

How Tankaria can Help?

Tankaria steel panels offer options like the traditional screw-down panels as well as corner lock systems with a variety of finishes. The access floor panels are installed with a steel understructure made of pedestals that are available in all required heights. Tankaria Access Floors provide a complete suite of access floor systems with other panels such as Corner Lock Bare Tiles and Screw Down Bare Tiles.

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