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Screw down Bare Tiles for Access Floors by Tankaria

Screw down Bare Tiles for Access Floors by Tankaria

Screw down systems provide high tensile strength by using screw down bare tiles. Steel bare panels have threaded holes for screwing bolts into them. Here are some of the vital features of screw down bare tiles:

  • Screw down bare tiles are available for different material finishes and installation styles.
  • Screw down bare tiles have ideally shaped panel corners of lateral retention and easy positioning of panels.
  • Both corner lock systems and flat pedestal systems use screw down bare tiles.
  • They are filled with light weight cementitious material (concore) for superior strength.

Why Screw Down Bare Tiles

Screw down bare tiles come with a wide range of benefits for raised floor systems. Here are some of them:

  • They provide superior strength with bolting down mechanism
  • Screw down systems ensure quick installation and self-engagement options.
  • Used with specially designed with unthreaded edges for allowing self-capture in tiles
  • Screw down bare tiles prevent shaking in access floors and makes your access floors durable for years to come

Tankaria Access Floors for Your Access Floor Needs

Tankaria Access Floors manufacture an extensive range of panels with screw down and corner locking mechanisms. We also provide complete solutions for installation of access floor understructure systems including bare panels and pedestals for server rooms, factory floors and office spaces.

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