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Bare Tile Corner Lock System – Steel Bare Panel

Bare Tile Corner Lock System - Steel Bare Panel

A raised access floor system is the best option to vent the heat, prevent static, as well as giving extra spacing. The bare panel corner lock system works in a simple way but its effectiveness in distributing load is the benchmark. Some of its features are as follows:

  • A corner lock raised access floor is ideal for very low finished floor heights .
  • Corner Lock screw holds the access floor panels in place within the grid.
  • There are raised groves in the centre of the pedestal head that form a cross.
  • The panels get bolted down by the screws where they sit on the pedestal.
  • Each panel is further held in place by the grooves locking the bare panels in.

Corner Locking Bare Tiles

The corner lock system is an excellent solution for bare false flooring.

  • Locking down each corner of the bare panels adds to the stability of the floor.
  • Tankaria Access Floors produces the corner lock system in both UK and Chinese configuration.

Corner Lock System at Tankaria Access Floors

Tankaria Access Floors is a leading producer of bare tile corner lock systems in India. You can also check out the Cornerlock Pedestal Heads and Cornerlock system manufactured by us to get a complete idea of the flooring solution that would be provided to you.

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