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Corner Lock Pedestal Heads by Tankaria Access Floors

Corner Lock Pedestal Heads by Tankaria Access Floors

Corner lock systems are a convenient option for access floor systems that allows faster installation and durability. Some features of the Cornerlock assembly are as follows:

  • The pedestal heads have wedges on the corners to allows panel corners to fit on top.
  • They are made of galvanized steel.
  • Threaded rods for the pedestal heads are available with thickness 16mm and 19mm.
  • Corner lock allows for an easy installation and self-engagement options.
  • Corner lock pedestals by Tankaria Access Floors provide utmost adaptability and strength in a raised floor system.

Why Choose Cornerlock Pedestal Heads?

  • With higher flexibility, restructuring and changing office structures becomes very convenient.
  • Corner lock pedestals are screwed down with the panels, making the system stronger.
  • Can be used in very low height structures as well as a full-fledged raised floor system.

How Tankaria Helps You

Tankaria Access Floors provide a wide range of custom options including panels and finishes for access floor systems. Tankaria Access Floors also offer several raised floor accessories such as pedestal heads and bases.

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