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Pedestal Heads for Raised Access Floors by Tankaria

Pedestal Heads for Raised Access Floors by Tankaria

Pedestal heads are the steel plates riveted/welded to a threaded rod that supports the raised access floor systems and you can choose from different types of pedestal heads. These are the prime features of pedestal heads:

  • The material used ranges from steel to Aluminium according to the understructure design.
  • Flat pedestal heads contain areas for screwing bolts for the Bare Panel Screw down System.
  • Steel Corner lock pedestal heads contain wedges for setting up corner lock systems.
  • Wood core pedestal heads have circular heads for setting up wood core systems.
  • Pedestal heads are mounted on top of all steel rods of different heights and thickness according to requirement.

Benefits of Pedestal Heads in Access Floors

  • They provide wedges and threaded holes that guide the symmetry of the whole access floor system.
  • Different designs provide require support to different panel types.
  • Wedges on corner lock pedestal heads help in speedy positioning of panels on the pedestals.
  • Threaded holes on flat pedestal heads help installation of stringers that help in re-enforcing your access floors.

How Tankaria Access Floors Helps

Tankaria Access Floors manufacture different types of pedestal heads and access floor pedestals for supporting raised floor systems. We also provide a complete line of products used to construct a raised access floor systems like bare panels, wood core tiles and a variety of finishes to give them the perfect design.

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