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Flat Pedestal Screw down System by Tankaria Access Floors

Flat Pedestal Screw down System by Tankaria Access Floors

The Flat Pedestal Screwdown System from Tankaria Access Floors is a simple, yet significant solution to ensure strong raised access floors. These are the primary features of Flat Pedestal Screw-down system:

  • Understructure is supported by steep pedestals with multiple holes for dynamic fitting freedom.
  • Panels are attached to the flat head pedestal.
  • Stringer systems can also be fit on this pedestal style.
  • Recommended maximum floor height starts from 150mm /6 inches onwards.

Why Flat Pedestal Systems?

  • Prevents vibration and the instability caused by heavy rolling loads.
  • This style eliminates the need for a special bracing mechanism
  • Design allows flexible size panels and dynamic placement.
  • Bare Panel screw down systems provide additional strength with the use of steel.

How Tankaria Helps You

Tankaria Access Floors excel in offering a complete suite of understructure systems for enterprises. We also provide a range of finishes for the bare panels to augment the style and to organize your access floor system in your enterprise. We also provide raised access floor accessories such as pedestal heads and pedestal bases for your false flooring solution.

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