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Pedestal Bases for Better Flooring Foundation

Pedestal Bases for Better Flooring Foundation

Pedestals are the pillar of the false floor and pedestal base acts as a support system to the entire floor, steel plates with solid folds to balance the structure are fixed to a base pipe of different heights. When steel is folded it gains additional strength, which is what we do to our pedestal bases to make them last longer.

Types of Pedestal Base

  • Pedestal base design is not same for all structures and it is specially designed for finished floor level.
  • The specification for each height depends on the pipe fittings, i.e., outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID).
  • The thickness of bottom plates is also different for different sizes.

Technical Specifications

The specifications are as follows:

  • Up to a height of 600 mm, 22mm OD pipe with Base plate – 100mm x 100mm x 2mm.
  • For a height of 800 mm, 25 OD pipe is recommended with Base plate of 100 mm x 100mm x 2mm Base.
  • Anything from 1 Meter – 1200 mm requires 32 mm OD. 125 mm base dimensions to 150 mm.

TIP: 50 sq. ft.-100 sq. ft. server rooms for smaller businesses need 22 mm thickness pipes.

Pedestal Bases from Tankaria Access Floors

The pedestals hold up the entire floor and their dimensions are significant to the success or failure of your raised floor! Being the manufacturers of the best pedestal bases, Tankaria Access Floors is definitely the natural choice!

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