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Bolted Stringer System by Tankaria Access Floors

Bolted Stringer System by Tankaria Access Floors

One of the sturdiest raised floor systems, the steel bolted stringer system capitalizes on the strength of steel to the maximum limit. Some of the key specifications of this system are:

  • Stringers are made of strengthened steel ensuring stability
  • C-shape stringers for easy fitting and re-enforcement
  • Can be used with different types of panels.
  • This system uses Seismic Force Resistant pedestals
  • Completely free of particles like electro-zinc

Why Bolted Stringer System?

  • Forms a grid pattern in assembly with other stringers.
  • Strong enough to hold larger loads without a need for special bracing.
  • Higher stability by efficiently redistributing weight across the panels.
  • Prevents the formation of zinc whiskers that cause shock circuits and system resets.

Why Tankaria Access Floors?

Along with the bolted stringer system, Tankaria Access provides raised floor systems along with a wide range of solutions for your raised access floor needs. Tankaria access floors also manufacture parts for the understructure systems of access floors. You can also choose from a wide variety of panels such as wood core panels and bare steel panels, as well as understructure systems such as flat pedestal screwdown system.

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