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Vinyl Tiles by Tankaria Access Floors

Vinyl Tiles by Tankaria Access Floors

Vinyl Tiles are bare panels layered with anti-static Vinyl that protect electronic equipment usually found in data centers, factories and laboratories from electric shocks. The finishes for Vinyl tiles are available in a wide range of colors. These are its key benefits:

  • The bare panel can be of steel which offers strength to your access floors.
  • Different colors, patterns and shades of vinyl finishes increase the aesthetic appeal of your workspace.
  • Protection of equipment from shocks as shocks can cause system resets, fires and other common hazards.
  • Provides designers with unlimited freedom to provide your facilities with a unique look.

How Tankaria Access Floors Helps

Tankaria Access Floors provides vinyl tiles made from steel and also manufactures vinyl finishes available in different colors and design. Tankaria also manufactures varieties of panels, stringers, and other parts of Access Floor understructures. We also offer several options in top surface finish tiles including HPL tiles and Laminated surface tiles.

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Raised Access Floors increase the utility of your floors. To get a customized solution, contact our experts today!