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Laminate Tile Flooring for Access Floors

Laminate Tile Flooring for Access Floors

Server rooms in IT offices, or other large multinational corporations are responsible for managing vast amounts of data. Laminate Tile Flooring is a good choice due to the following features:

  • All our laminated flooring solutions are anti-static.
  • The tiles are treated with powder coat epoxy paint.
  • The static that can be caused by oppositely charged particles coming in contact is prevented.
  • Any Zinc whiskers that might be present in the metal are removed.
  • Because we manufacture our own wood panels, we can customize the dimensions.
  • The finish itself is unidirectional, making it easy to remove and replace.
  • Works well with most understructure configurations.

Why Laminate Surface Finish

  • Information in server rooms are highly sensitive and while it is protected from cyber-attacks, it also needs to be protected against stray fires.
  • Laminate finish could be useful in averting static charges in your server rooms.
  • You can also have designs on your laminate surface to add an extra aesthetic appeal to your access floors.

Why Choose Tankaria Access Floors

Our first priority is always to create efficient and safe false flooring solutions for our clients. It does not matter if it is a server room job or for a control room in an industrial setting. The specifications might change, but our quality of work does not. We also offer other surface finishes such as HPL Tiles and bolted stringer systems that could be used to set up the entire flooring system.

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