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Rectangular Box Type Stringers

Rectangular box type stringers are one of the best stringers to provide great support and sturdiness to the tops and sides of the floor panels.

  • Rectangular box type stringers are available in 0.8mm to 1.5mm thickness.
  • Panels can be gravity-held for quick removal and replacement.
  • Rectangular box type stringers are mainly used in control rooms and server rooms with heavy cabling or wire network.
  • These stringers provide lateral resistance to heavy rolling loads and seismic loading.
  • They are 20mm x 30mm x 0.8mm in dimensions.
C-Type Ribs Stringers

C-Type Ribs Stringers

  • C-type with ribs stringer sit atop the pedestal heads; the ribs are for making the steel bent.
  • Bent steel is stronger, which provides strength to the stinger.
  • The Galvanized steel channel fastened to the pedestal head provides lateral stability, giving a sturdy wall.
  • C-type with ribs stringers are highly dependable and can be assembled quickly while making raised access floors.
  • These stringers are a great option for those who seek tough raised access flooring for their server / control rooms.
  • They are 21mm x 30mm x 0.8mm in dimensions.
Snapon for Wood core

Snapon for Wood core

  • Snap-on stringers are used for different finished floor heights.
  • Snap-On stringers can be snapped on and removed by hand without any requirement of tools.
  • Snap-on stringers are usually applied to wood core sytems.
  • Snap-on stringers provide heavy-loading capacity without any permanent deformity.
  • The installation of snap-on stringers does not require any screws or bolts for fixture as it has a tendency to snap on.
  • They increase the structural performance, thereby providing strength to wooden surfaces in raised access floors.

Why Tankaria?

Tankaria Access Floors designs raised access floors keeping in mind the constantly evolving needs of modern work spaces. We cater to the organizational and technological changes, keeping the aesthetics in mind. In a way, access floor system is a long-term cost-effective option for providing durability, flexibility and portability in minimal time.

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