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Ceramic Tiles by Tankaria for your Office Access Floors

Ceramic Tiles by Tankaria for your Office Access Floors

Ceramic Tiles are laid on bare panels and can be assembled using a few different understructure systems. A cornerlock system or a bolted down stringer system are both excellent options when using the ceramic tiles.

Benefits of Ceramic Tiles

  • When looking for a sturdy false flooring solution that is also within budget one can opt for the ceramic finish.
  • Although on the lower end of the pricing range, they make for long-lasting panels that need little to no maintenance.
  • They have excellent load-bearing capacity and keep up the integrity of the structure for a long time.
  • Air-conditioned computer rooms and server rooms are perfect locations to install raised access flooring with these tiles in the panels.
  • The air conditioning prevents any damage from wear and tear to occur for a much longer time.

Why Tankaria Access Floors?

Tankaria is one of the largest suppliers of ceramic tiled raised access flooring solutions for server rooms and computer rooms. Ceramic tiles are manufactured by third parties and stuck on to bare panels in the place of manufacture itself. They are then used to create ceramic tiled raised access flooring solutions by Tankaria. You can also choose from other Top Surface Finish Tiles such as HPL Tiles and Vitrified Finish Tiles.

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